BMW Cruise e-Bike.

BMW Cruise e-Bike.

The new BMW Cruise e-Bike is a revolutionary means of transport for many people. Most of them don’t use it for leisure purposes, but for their way to work. It turns the journey there and home again into a quick and effortless affair.

Drive: A real highlight in the BMW Cruise e-Bike is the powerful BOSCH electric drive with 400Wh battery and a range of up to 100km. It can be activated whenever needed and offers immediate pedaling support,so you can relax and enjoy the urban landscape during your ride.

Shift system: The Shimano Deore shift system has 10 gears, enabling you to adapt the bike to your preferences and present conditions.

Tyres: The special rubber mix and balloon tyres feature the “Safety System” and ensure that the tyres cope with all kinds of weather as well as sharp objects.

BMW Cruise e-Bike (only available in Europe)

M (46 cm, height 165 –178 cm) 80 91 2 352 300

L (51 cm, height 174 –190 cm) 80 91 2 352 301 £2501.00

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